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22 3rd Ave Burlington, MA 01803 



Our classic service includes trimming, shaping, cuticle care, and a moisturizing massage. Finish with a regular color of your choice. Pedi includes all of the above plus callus care, an exfoliating sugar scrub, hot towel, and hot stones.

Mani 25 Pedi 45


Our most pampering pedicure! Includes all nail and callus treatment plus aromatic detox soak, exfoliating sugar scrub, collagen rich foot masks wrapped in hot towels, collagen cream lotion massage and hot stones. 



Our classic service built to last with a gel polish of your choice and cured to a luxe shine using skin-safe LED lights.

MANI 38  PEDI 60 

(Gel Removal +5)


Dip powder is the longest lasting manicure. It is also strong enough to support nail extensions for those who wish to have longer nails.

Dip Mani 50


Nail Extensions +10

Change Shape +5 

Excessive Length +5

(Dip Removal +5)

Kids 10 & Under

Just a quick trim, shape, buff and polish. Pedis includes sugar scrub, hot towel, lotion, and polish.

Pedi 25

Mani 15


Dazzle Dry Polish +10 

French Regular Polish +5

French Gel +10

French Dip +10

Special French 10+

Extra Callus Treatment +10

Extra Massage 10 minutes +15

Nail Fix (Per Finger) 3+

Design (Per Finger) 3+

Gel Removal Only +15

Dip Removal Only +20

Polish Only: Hands 18 | Feet 25

Hands paraffin +10

Feet paraffin +15








Nicole BurkeNicole Burke
00:00 23 May 24
I got the most beautiful nails done for a special occasion; tips, dip, and black french tips. Unfortunately, they were a bit too long for me (someone who never gets their nails done or let's them grow). I called later that evening to see what they could do about the length. The manager called me back and told me to come in the next day to adjust the length free of charge.I went in the next afternoon and Lyna jumped right in to fix my nails. And fix them she did! I attached before and after photos. They are the perfect length now and you would not notice the major transformation they went through! She was able to shorten them with taking the whole nail off. They were originally done by another technician who did a fantastic job, as you can see.Thanks for all your help!
Lucas AlvesLucas Alves
15:25 20 May 24
This review is long overdue. My fiancée is so happy with her nails. All of the techs do an amazing job at this salon. The owner, Nick is very personable and professional. Thank you Jasmine, Judy, Amy and Ivy for always doing a beautiful job.
Kitt KatKitt Kat
22:42 19 May 24
Meg, Taylor, and Tom are fabulous. This was my first time at Belle Vista. Meg who is extremely courteous on the phone answered my questions and booked my appointment. Tom did an amazing job on my pedicure, and Taylor did a fantastic job on my dip manicure. Taylor was also kind enough to stay late to do my nails. After a long four days working on my feet this was a really nice treat.
Bailey HertweckBailey Hertweck
02:19 25 Apr 24
I think these beautiful nails speak for themselves! I love how meticulously everyone is. They really put in the extra effort to make your nails look amazing.
Abigail MurphyAbigail Murphy
23:38 14 Apr 24
Today was my 5th time coming here. It’s a nice salon local to my area. But after today I will not be coming back. Today I received the worst service. I asked the gentleman not to use the drill to remove my gel polish so he soaked them in acetone without buffing first, let sit for 15 min then removed the foil and cotton to see it did nothing to the polish. He started to cut/peel the polish off with the cuticle clippers. He broke and peeled my nail half way, so I told him just use the drill. When he proceeded aggressively with the drill he scraped up the sides of my toes which is exactly why I didn’t want the drill and didn’t even get the polish all the way off. He filed my nails a little bit gave me a massage then painted them with regular polish on top of the left over polish when I requested gel . Didn’t clean under the nails or the skin around the nails. So basically I got a polish change not a pedicure? When I told the girl at the front my issue she responded with the only way we can take off gel is with the drill, which is not true and a service I HAVE got here and responded to me with “oh well”. I’m going to call tomorrow and express my experience with the owner/manager who’s always been very kind and is good. The picture is from the parking lot and the smudge is from him touching my nail then telling me it’s dry. Beware you might get an inexpierenced tech and end up with bleeding toes!
Mia RobertsMia Roberts
11:22 09 Apr 24
Beware of up charges. Any shape other than square or round costs more. After patronizing the salon for several months, I was charged more for the oval shape that I’d always received. The staff person who charged me, was perfunctory and walked away. I paid more and the dip manicure was mediocre - thick (have my real nails a fake look)and uneven around my cuticles. I wrote up my complaint and never heard from them. I won’t go back. Too many competitors out there with better skill consistency and definitely better customer service.
nital patelnital patel
12:30 07 Apr 24
We made 3 walk in pedicure appointments and only had to wait about 30-45 on a saturday. the facility is really nice and clean and airy, we got basic/classic pedicures which were about 45$ each. the manicurists accept venmo if you prefer as well! would highly recommend if you would like a quiet relaxing time.
16:36 04 Apr 24
I started going to Belle Vista Nail Studio several months ago and have been getting my pedicures here ever since. They are so friendly and they do good work. It's very relaxing. I have even fallen asleep in the chair.
Samantha BrownSamantha Brown
22:24 11 Mar 24
I got a classic manicure yesterday. My first time going here as my usual spot was booked. I got a mani pedi. This is today. 😵‍💫. I didn’t go into a pool or do anything crazy that would have resulted in this extent of chipping / snagging.
Alexis VanDruffAlexis VanDruff
12:40 22 Feb 24
I go to this salon frequently and have had mixed experiences but this review is about my experience yesterday only.My pedicure was great. Relaxing and luxurious. All the things you hope a pedicure would be.My manicure was done by Jade and maybe the best manicure experience I’ve had. I had the last appointment of the day and she was still so careful and meticulous with my nails. She took so much care to make sure they looked good, checked in with me to make sure I liked them and they lived up to my expectations. She was 10/10. Thank you Jade!
Sanaz SdghnSanaz Sdghn
21:04 19 Feb 24
I like this salon a lot, the staff is really skilled at what they do, and the pedicure is relaxing with massage chairs. Chhoryi did my nails, and I was really happy with the results. Got a lot of compliments on my nails. I definitely go back again. Thanks
Krista HoganKrista Hogan
17:23 24 Jan 24
I have been going to Belle Vista for a few months now and have not had one bad experience. Everything is very clean and all of the staff are great at what they do. I chipped one of my nails a couple days after I had gotten them done and they were able to take me right away and fix it like nothing ever happened! My new favorite nail salon, so happy I found it!
Violetta HughesVioletta Hughes
02:58 19 Jan 24
Hit or miss but for the price, I expect more. This is my 4th time going to Bella Vista for a dip manicure and the 2nd time with very bad quality where the nails needed to be redone. After 1week my nails were chipping (dip on natural nails). I called and the salon offered to fix the bad nails for free and gave me a coupon. However, they should get it right the first time, especially with their high prices, I will not be back. I also find it outrageous that they charge an extra $10 to trim the cuticles.
Alexa FossAlexa Foss
00:59 04 Jan 24
Booked a last minute appointment as my normal salon was full..and I am so happy I came here! It’s a beautiful salon and they got me in right away. I hurt one of my fingers badly and my nail tech was so gentile and careful! The nails came out beautiful and I will 100% be coming back here!
Olympia HuOlympia Hu
19:45 09 Dec 23
Not worth $100. If they had told me that the design I chose was too difficult and then left it at that then it would have been fine however instead I was left with a bunch of misshapen stars and a piece of hair imbedded in my nail. Despite this, the service was good and the lady who did my nails was very kind.
Alex and Nicole SilviaAlex and Nicole Silvia
00:10 31 Oct 23
Came here for the first time and I was amazed by how clean and organized this place is. The staff were super welcoming from the second I walked in. My nail tech did an AMAZING job reshaping my nails and with my french! I will definitely be back again!
Beth KillleaBeth Killlea
12:57 12 Sep 23
I been to this place a few times for manicure and pedicure. They do a great job with pedicures, but not so much for gel the last two times I I had two nails break and I haven’t had a chance to go back and have it fixed because I work so much it’s just annoying that I have that two broken nails and not even after 10 days they break I’ve been to places it’s last up to three weeks.
16:37 08 Sep 23
Beautiful and clean with impeccable service and accommodation. I didn’t have childcare for my 3 month old so she came with me for my first visit to Bella Vista. I received a coupon in the mail and decided to try it out. This was my first ever standing manicure and Tommie did a great job! She was so understanding and patient as I bounced up and down and literally stood while she did my nails. Prices are comparable to nearby salons but the location, parking, and facility are so easy and enjoyable. If you pay cash, you get $5 off your next appointment. You can book online or call and we didn’t have to wait at all for our 11am appt - something I appreciate, they don’t seem to overbook themselves. My gel mani came out beautiful, I love it!
Alyssa KeaneAlyssa Keane
15:32 17 Aug 23
I have been going here for a few months now and they never disappoint! Staff is extremely nice, salon is clean, and the quality of the manicure speaks for itself! After trying just about every nail salon Burlington has to offer, I’m confident in saying this one is the best!
22:00 09 Aug 23
Honestly I have jumped around from nail salon to nail salon. Never finding a fit. I went here as soon as it opened and have gone back since. They are incredible, super professional, they treat all their customers like family. I love it. Highly recommend
Hala Al-SafarjalaniHala Al-Safarjalani
20:22 09 Aug 23
Very clean and pristine nail salon. They are so kind and accommodating. Excellent results every time. I always refer all friends here because I trust their service and would never go elsewhere. Highly highly recommend. There is also free parking which makes everything that much more convenient.
Amanda SylviaAmanda Sylvia
13:52 01 Jul 23
I was looking for a new nail studio in the area (after a bad experience elsewhere) and stumbled across Belle Vista Nail Studio. Located conveniently on 3rd Ave. by Wegman’s, the studio is absolutely stunning and meticulously clean.I was taken right at my appointment time for a Deluxe Pedicure. Aaron was my technician and he was friendly and knowledgeable - always asking my preference on how I like my nails done and he gave a great massage!The massage chairs were wonderful for this tired mama and Aaron even let me sit in the chair while my nails dried so I could continue to use it. In fact, I’m still sitting here as I write this.I can’t wait to come back. Thank you!
Alanna RosenbergAlanna Rosenberg
17:31 27 Jun 23
I really enjoyed my pedicure here today. It is very spacious and everything was very clean and neat and nicely styled. It really makes everything so much more relaxing to have everyone a little more spread out. Also, I love my nails - my technician was excellent. Parking was super easy too! It’s my new favorite spot 🙂
HaiDang KellyHaiDang Kelly
12:53 15 Jun 23
** Received a message from Nick asking to reconsider my review. Edit to add clarifying details.Moved to town last August and started looking for my go to nail salon. I’ve visited a handful in Burlington now. I do like the atmosphere. The front desk person is nice and professional. The ambiance is upscale. Received gel pedicure from Ricky, who was awesome. It was a lovely experience as he was super friendly and chatty. My pedicure came out nicely. It was a nice reprieve from my two small children! I came back for a manicure, which wasn't the best experience. I asked her 3 different times to reshape my nails, which still came out very crooked. The polish job itself was really nice. The gel was really shiny, which I liked.However, 1 week in I started getting lifting of the gel on the cuticle side. I spoke to Nick who offered to come fix the affected nails. He asked me to arrive at 6:30pm, which I promptly did. He asked a tech to help me, but by their exchanges in Vietnamese I could tell that they didn't appreciate having to stay. She fixed three of my nails, filed off the old gel, brushed off the dust, and started painting. She cured 30 seconds or less between each coat. I still had the dust stuck to parts of my nail. I would love to find a good tech within their store because other aspects are great.
April LaufApril Lauf
14:28 27 May 23
Love this place! Such a spacious and pretty space. Totally love how easy it is to book a reservation and love how close it is to my place of work as well. Went in for dip for baby shower this weekend. They had a lovely selection to pick from, the color is kinda now growing on me. Can do dips if you have some - thank you for always doing the extra mile!
Bonnie CarterBonnie Carter
20:00 25 May 23
I had the best manicure of my life at Belle Vista Nail! I read some great reviews before I booked, and they did not disappoint. They were warm, welcoming and offered us refreshments on the house when we arrived. The chairs are so comfy and they give you blankets so the airconditioning won’t bother you. The nail tech had such attention to detail and made sure to confirm everything during the appointment, from nail shape, length and color. I was so happy with the result and would definitevly recommend!
Jasmine GarciaJasmine Garcia
19:11 25 May 23
This was the first time I've ever been to Belle Vista Nail Studio! Everyone is kind, caring, and considerate! I felt very excited about this place! The technician took his time while shaping and coloring my nails, being so precise with everything. I'm 100% satisfied with my nails and will definitely be coming back more often :))
Samantha BolandSamantha Boland
02:07 24 Feb 23
Went in to get my gel manicure I got somewhere else removed and ended up getting a manicure because they were so thoughtful. I had Judy and she asked me questions, gave me a full breakdown of pricing and checked the shape and color along the way. I was explained what dazzle nail color was and never knew that was an option and was just what I was looking for. It was a clean, welcoming place. Will definitely be going back, and happy I found a new place close to me where I can feel comfortable getting my nails done.
natasha leclairnatasha leclair
17:50 18 Feb 23
Beautiful salon located in the 3rd ave shopping district in Burlington. One of the largest and prettiest salons I’ve ever been to! You will be greeted at the door by the owner who is always so kind and the nail technicians are very friendly. During one of my visits, I witnessed the owner help an elderly woman who was getting her nails done and made sure she was comfortable. Lots of colors to choose from and my gel manicure lasts longer than other places I have gone to. Appointments can be made online which I love. This salon is the perfect spot to get your manicure, pedicure or whatever it is you need and you can walk around and do some shopping and dining too!
Dominic NguyenDominic Nguyen
03:39 06 Feb 23
I bought my wife a manicure here and pedicures for both of us. Had a very pleasant experience. The manager Nick was super polite and accommodating. We walked in with no appointment and he was able to do his best to still have us taken care of in a timely manner.The decor is very modern and the place itself is exceptionally clean. As a healthcare provider I always pay close attention to how hygienic the place is, particularly the pedicure bays. The cleanliness and sterilization process could pass an osha inspection.Now for the most important matter… the service! The service was fantastic. My wife’s nails turned out amazing according to her and I was super pleased with my pedicure. The woman working on me had me feeling like I was walking on clouds by the end of it. I can’t wait for our next visit. Thank you to the whole staff for a wonderful experience!
Amanda CrosleyAmanda Crosley
22:06 31 Dec 22
Very clean salon & everyone was incredibly friendly. Very happy we gave this place a try! Thank you!
Meaghan BogushMeaghan Bogush
18:50 26 Dec 22
Such a great job, the reservation process was so easy I got a same day appointment, and the place was so clean and classy. Check in was great and the pay process was cash or credit and tap to pay. I got a dip manicure from Emily and she was fantastic, I will def be coming back!
Emily KozarskyEmily Kozarsky
00:56 24 Dec 22
Loved my experience here! Got a dazzle dry manicure with Judy and she did an awesome job and was so nice and courteous. The owner is super sweet and the place is spotless and so beautiful. This will definitely be my new nail place from now on! So happy 🙂
02:25 23 Dec 22
Amazing addition to 3rd Ave!Beautiful salon, so clean and comfortable! The staff is awesome and so talented. I will definitely be going back & recommending to my family/friends.Thank you so much Belle Vista for a wonderful experience!
Jae HallJae Hall
20:12 22 Dec 22
Wonderful experience! Entire staff was attentive and friendly. I tried "dazzle" nails for my first time ever. They turned out beautiful. I highly recommend this brand spankin' new nail studio if you're in the area or just looking for a new place to go. I'm so glad I had such a great experience. I work in the area and plan to absolutely take advantage of this place.
Minh DinhMinh Dinh
10:23 21 Dec 22
The manager is very cute and the service is very good
Angelica DiMercurioAngelica DiMercurio
22:00 19 Dec 22
I was so excited when Belle Vista finally opened on Friday at 3rd ave in Burlington. I had drove by a few times on my way to Wegman’s and was anxiously waiting for their opening day. I am so happy that I gave them a try and they will be my go to nail salon from here on out. The space is absolutely beautiful and immaculate! They take cleaning very seriously which is extremely important to me in a nail salon. Their staff was also extremely friendly and accommodating. Lina was my technician and she did a fantastic job and I also chatted with the owner Nick quite a bit who was as nice as could be. Give them a try, they are awesome!
Katherine CinibulkKatherine Cinibulk
17:39 18 Dec 22
Lovely, spa-like atmosphere with excellent service. My nails look beautiful!


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